Casino Frauds

An aspect of online casinos and online gambling that eludes most gamblers is the security measurements. Since the Internet is a free zone that no government can supervise with complete confidence it is obvious that many breaches and con men are present in the virtual space, therefore no gambler can place bets at online casino or bookies without fearing for the safety of his money.

John W. Smith is an online gambler for more than two years now and he have seen his share of misfortune time after time: "There were times I logged into an online casino just to find out that they ran away with my money, the entire account was empty, my credit card number was used to buy things over the net, I was devastated, and soon I found out I have no one to blame but myself". Mr. Smith is probably one of many who got a "special treatment" by con men.

The best way to avoid such cases is to do some research on the online casino you intend to invest in: Check who's operating it and from which country, talk to gamblers who played at that casino, check if there's any big winners at that online casino and try to talk to them. There are many things that can tell you if an online casino is dishonest and always check and double check each online casino before you deposit a single cent.

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