Casino Lingo

There will be many people out there who will tell you what you need to prepare before going to the gambling house. They will tell you all sorts of things. They will give you tips on what items to bring, how much gambling money you should have, or what your limit should be. Me? I will just assist you on some of the words commonly used in gambling houses today.

It might sound trivial, but knowing gambling lingo is useful to the gambling player, especially if it would be your first time to enter a gambling house. Why? Well, you certainly would not like other gambling players to know that it is your first time to play at a gambling house. That kind of information will give them an edge over you, they will be more confident, especially at the poker table. And, believe me, you would not want to give them that kind of confidence.

So, here are some of the terms usually heard at gambling houses:

Bank roll - bank roll is the amount of money you bring with you at the gambling house. This is your budget for today's gambling session. Your aim all throughout the gambling session is to play within the limits of your bank roll. You should know that you should slow down on your bets if your bank roll is decreasing rapidly.

Bust - in blackjack, if the total value of the cards you are holding goes beyond 21, then it is a bust. You will lose even to someone who is just holding cards that total to 10.

Come-out - if you are a gambling player that plays craps, then you will have no trouble identifying this term. Come-out is when the dice is thrown for the first time in a craps game. The come-out creates the point in this gambling game.

Dealer - If you will play mostly at table games in gambling houses instead of the slots, then you will meat the dealer. The dealer is someone who shuffles, draws and gives out the cards in poker games. He or she may have other duties, as required in other gambling games. In the past, the dealer is not expected to entertain gambling players, but now, dealers are more sociable as compared before.

Four of a kind - a gambling player who plays poker a lot is familiar with this term. The four of a kind is one of the highest, actually the third highest hand in poker. Even the dealers are amused to see this hand being played at the gambling house because the four of a kind is very rare.